Sex Worker Burnout is Real! Quick Ways to Recognize and Fix it

What To Do if You Are Close to Burn Out

Maybe you have been extra exhausted lately. Maybe it seems like a daily struggle to get yourself out of bed and start your work day. When your job is in the sex trade, there can be many extra occupational stressors that just are not present when you have a vanilla job. And chances are, there is no employee assistance program to help you manage workplace stress.

Not only does sex work involve physical labor, but it also comes with loads of emotional labor. The two combined can cause work-related stress and a need to manage it. If you let it, it can cause huge psychological issues and your fight-or-flight will kick in.

Cure and Avoid Sex Worker Burnout

Admit it.

Take a break. If you know burnout is imminent, take a vacation, even if it’s just a vacation from work. Put everything you’ve got going on, on hold. It will all be there when you get back, I promise. But the freedom of not worrying about work will be amazing. When you come back, you will be fresh and more focused.


Make sure you are taking time out daily to do something just for you. You do not have a Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 job. But I urge you to try to keep some semblance of a schedule. Also, remember to eat nutritious meals, get enough sleep, and get your body moving.

Express Yourself.

Keep a diary or start a blog. Get all your negative and positive emotions out. Writing is very cathartic, never underestimate the power of filling in a notebook with your thoughts and feelings. Starting a blog can also be therapeutic. Plus, you never know who you may be helping along the way.

Surround Yourself with Support.

I tell new people into the industry that they should aim to have at least one supportive and positive friend in and *out* of the industry. The people you choose should be positive and supportive. Finding a friend who isn’t in the industry that is supportive may be difficult but it can be helpful to have someone to vent to who isn’t already jaded by the industry.


Sometimes ranting or venting through writing or to a friend just is not enough. If you are still having issues, put away some money and look for a sex-positive therapist. You can even find a therapist online.

Passive Income Sources.

It’s so very important that you have more than one income source. You can become a webcam model at places like Chaturbate or SkyPrivate. I also go into other sources of passive income in the post Feast or Famine here.

Learning to Say No.

It may mean making less money, but what good is money if you just cannot find the motivation to do anything with it? Not only that, your clients will notice that you’re heart just isn’t it. This could mean losing potential regular clients or alienating and/or losing established clientele.

Exit Strategy.

Make sure you have an exit strategy. Whether that is taking courses part time to prepare for a second career or starting your own business, you need to keep in mind that sex work has no retirement or pension plan. Make plans accordingly.

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I highly recommend the book Thriving in Sex Work by Lola Davina



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