Being Sexy to Make a Living – Yes! It is Work

It’s called sex work. And it is, in fact, work.

It’s true. Now, I am going to assume most vanilla or civvie readers are picturing a drug-addicted prostitute on the street corner, hopping into cars, giving a quickie, then hoping out and handing the money over to a pimp.  But guess what? Sex work goes so much deeper than that. It’s a highly nuance profession that happens to have a bad rep behind it. Sex work stigma runs rampant and we need acceptance and rights not rescue. I am not saying that forced prostitution or trafficking doesn’t exist (a different post for a different time), I am just saying a sex worker could be anything from a high end escort to a phone sex actress, and everything in between.

End Sex Work Stigma

Sex work of any kind is work. It is legitimate work. I am sure the majority of providers would be more than happy to play by the government’s rules, if the government would take a minute to truly look at the detriment the laws surrounding sex work is doing.  They say it is immoral. Indecent. Shameful. Demeaning. So, a manual laborer can trade his/her body to perform physical tasks for a legitimate paycheck at the end of the week, but a sex worker can’t trade her body to perform a service can’t?

Sex Work Acceptance

Acceptance. It’s a big word. We could all use a little more of it in our lives. For the people who don’t think they are effected by sex work, you might think there is no reason for you to have to accept sex work or sex workers. But I can almost guarantee everybody knows someone involved in the adult industry. They just can’t be one about it because of the stigma attached. Let me give it to you with an analogy. Take gay rights. You may not be gay, but you know someone who identifies as gay, you may even know someone who identifies as gay but is afraid to come out. And you, at least I sure as hell hope you, accept people who are gay.


How about just for today, you take a minute to think about how sex work is not necessarily a bad thing.


Peace, Love, & a Hard Cock

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