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Protecting the Roof Over Your Head (and Your Sanity) in Slow Times

Remember I had mentioned that this business can be feast or famine? What I mean by that is either you’re busy as hell and rolling in money or waiting for your phone to ring and just scraping by. It was in my post about turning this thing that we do into a business, but I don’t think I went into specifics about savings or backup planning. Which would be a good thing to talk about now.

What Goes Up, Must Come Downfeastorfamine

There is a direct correlation in the down slope of traffic to sex work advertising sites and certain times of the year. For instance, January (after Christmas) and the beginning of Spring (tax season). But for the rest of the year, it can still be unpredictable at best. Right now, there seems to be a lull in business. I know I am not the only one feeling it. Last month, my phone was blowing up. I literally could not keep up with the demand, potentially missing out on garnering new, good clients. But lately? Pretty much dead.

How to Prepare For Feast or Famine

So, what do you do when the calls, and therefore the money, stops coming in? Just like in “real life”, you should have a backup plan. I am not an accredited financial advisor, nor a life planner, but I am fiscally smart and I do control a few of my submissive client’s finances (and lives). So, I do feel somewhat comfortable giving money advice and other tips. However you choose to use the info I provide here is up to you. Follow it to the letter, tweak it a little to fit your life better, or just disregard it.

Passive Income

feastorfamineI highly recommend having as many passive income sources as possible. That could mean anything from selling items, social media I.D.’s, video clips, picture set, taking orders for a custom clip, webcam modeling, or being a phone sex actress. Some of these are more work than others, but in some instances, you can do most or all of these things from the same platform. And in some cases, these passive income streams will make you money while you sleep. Sites like NiteFlirt or IWantClips are good examples. But there is also PervoutPay and GetIndieBill. These are just a handful of the many sites out there. Do a little research and see what you might be interested in and the best platform(s) to use. You can always use more than one, and I would suggest you do.


I suggest having a full three months’ worth of bills and expenses saved in a savings account you have stowed away in the case of famine. This isn’t some magical nugget of advice I came up with, it’s what the financial wizards suggest you should have put away, in the event you lose your job. Make sure you limit your access to this account as much as you can. By doing this, it ensures that you won’t have to resort to drastic or dramatic measures to make sure you keep a roof over your head and food in your belly. There is nothing that breaks my heart more than seeing a sex worker lowering their standard and participating in activities or situations they do not want to just because they must make rent or feed their kids.

And never, and I mean NEVER, participate in BB (bareback) anything!

Emergency Fund

This is different than your savings account, although it can take form as a savings account (but make it a separate account than your other savings account). It could also take the form of a credit card (unsecured or prepaid) that you don’t use on a regular basis as well. It’s meant as just a little extra padding, in case, well, an emergency should arise. This way, you can take care of what needs to be taken care of and you don’t have to touch your backup savings.

Frugal Doesn’t Have to Mean Cheap or Going Without

It’s very easy to get caught in the fast and quick money that sex work can sometimes send our way. When it’s feast try to notfeastorfamine to get swept up or carried away. I am not saying you can’t or shouldn’t buy yourself nice things. Hell, even splurge occasionally and spoil yourself with a luxury. But don’t spend all your money as quick as you earn it. Remember that besides the savings I have suggested in this post, you should also have savings for your retirement (yeah, that’s right! There ain’t no pension plan in sex work!) and for other big-ticket items. You still have bills to pay and you may want to buy a house one day. These are things you need to consider before you decide on how you are going to spend your hard-earned money.

And one last note: you may notice your friends start coming around more often or you start making new friends suddenly. Be careful who you trust. I suggest never lending money, but if you do, tell yourself (but not the person you’re lending money to) that it is a gift and not a loan. That way, when/if they don’t pay you back, you’re not terribly disappointed. And never lend more money than you can afford to lose.

Peace, Love, & a Hard Cock


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