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Turning Your Business in Sex Work into an Actual Business

Not speaking for any other sex worker but myself, but I see myself as a business. A sex work business. As such, I conduct myself accordingly. Part of my sex work business is my “brand”. In this age of technology, most people who call sex work their job will have to have an online presence. To get noticed, you will need to brand themselves and they will definitely need to make a unique online/social media presence. It’s an imperative thing to have.

But Why?

I run my job as a business for a few reasons, mostly because it makes it easier to keep track of everything, be organized, and stay on top of things. The pots I have my phalanges in range wildly and they can be all over the place. It can get out of control real quick. On any given day, at any given moment, I could be doing one, or more, of about ten things. With so many platforms and passive streams of income coming in, it would be a complete nightmare to try to just wing it. It would be difficult to keep an accurate record of your incoming income and that becomes an issue come tax time (yes, sex workers (should) pay taxes).

What Should You Do?

How did I manage to get a hold of things before they spiraled out of control? I made up a business plan. Yes that’s right, a good old fashioned business plan, just altered to reflect a sex work business. The kind of plan that you would bring to a bank or to show investors to get financial backing. Financial projections and all. Although it’s not likely they are accurate, this work can be sporadic and dicey at best, downright dead at worst. Feast or famine (not unlike my writing career). In all fairness, I have a certificate in Business and Entrepreneurship, so I am a semi-pro at cranking out business plans. It isn’t fun, in fact it is quite arduous, but I would argue that it is the best thing you can do for yourself.

The Sex Work Business Plan

There are lots of templates on Google and I have even gone to the liberty of finding you one here. Unfortunately, sexbusinessthere is not an example of a sex worker’s business plan that’s free, but it’s a simple tweak to a basic plan. Start with a mission statement. Add some short-term and long-term goals. What exactly your product or service is/are. Who is your competition (Caveat: do not take to much stock into your competition here, there’s plenty of demand to meet the supply. Use this more of a tool to see what the standards are in whatever you have chosen to do). What your rates are going to be. What your expected financials will look like. When is money approximately going to be coming in and going out. What are your expenses and so on and so forth.  Make sure you’re putting money back into your business (for marketing and advertising. If you need help I suggest Sexy Networking) and make sure you are taking some out for savings. Sex work does not have any pension plan, not that I am aware of anyhow. And remember, the sole purpose of this is to keep you organized and on track.

What To Do With The Plan

You don’t need to show a single person, unless you want to for feedback or suggestions. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just needs to be on paper so you can keep track of everything. I can live in chaos in my everyday life, but I need strict order when it comes to work. I need to be able to deal with things as efficiently and effectively as possible. Things are not always going to go according to plan, nothing usually does in life. In fact, things are likely going to stray far, far away from the plan. But as long as you keep updating and organizing your information, it’s going to be beneficial.

More Why?

sexworkbusinessplanAt the end of the day, being a sex worker of any kind is not a traditional 9 to 5 job. Maybe we don’t have a boss, or maybe we do. I am 100% independent and I can see that the independent trend is starting. We don’t have a cubicle we have to be at for certain length of time. There aren’t strict deadlines. No co-workers we can’t stand or the chance of being that week’s gossip flavor. It’s also conducive to implement some sort of plan of action to keep us grounded and stress-free as possible. Sex work of any kind is not easy, contrary to popular belief. It can be emotionally, mentally, and physically taxing. But we can do a whole separate blog on self care soon!

Bottom Line

I am going to impart with this: at the very minimum, organization is of the utmost importance. Yes, in our line of work it will be chaotic organization, but it will be organization none-the-less. Never forget the importance of administration and managing! Yes, it’s the least fun part of the job, but it’s a necessary evil if you wish to be profitable and successful!

Peace, Love, & a Hard Cock

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